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About OwlNews

OwlNews strives to innovate the current underlying rules on the Internet. We utilized blockchain technology to establish an open and transparent news platform from which content providers get their fair share of advertising revenue based on our royalty mechanism. This system disrupts the monopoly in the digital advertising industry. With the integration of various resources, OwlNews aims to create opportunities for media partners and content providers, select quality news for readers, and build a new internet ecosystem.

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Core Values


Multiple Perspectives


Fair Mechanism


Openness & Transparency

For our readers

We return to the original purpose of journalism.

We collect high-quality news from all corners of the globe, broaden your horizons with multiple perspectives, and expect to gather information for you to develop your opinion.

For our partners

We believe in the power of mutual benefit.

With our fair royalty mechanism, we disrupt the monopoly of digital advertising industry.

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OwlNews strives to build a news platform from which content providers can get their fair share of advertising revenue. Join us to transform the internet ecosystem and create a positive cycle!