Rewrite the Old Rules on the Internet & Innovate the Royalty Mechanism to Share Advertising Revenue

OwlNews strives to innovate the current underlying rules on the Internet and establish a news platform from which content providers get their fair share of advertising revenue. Join us to transform the internet ecosystem and create a positive cycle!

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Redistribute Advertising Revenue

Search engines and social media platforms currently receive over 70% of the revenue from online advertisements. However, the media, as content providers, rarely get their fair share.

Through the open and transparent royalty mechanism, OwlNews shares the advertising revenue with all partners fairly. From this platform, content providers get the respect and royalty fee they deserve, which ultimately innovates the current system in the market.

Monopoly of Digital Advertising Industry


According to eMarketer's report in 2019, searching engines, social media companies, and e-commerce platforms enjoy over 70% of the profit from online advertisements.

How does OwlNews innovate the old royalty mechanism of advertising revenue?

OwlNews introduces the blockchain to the platform: the clicks, views, and shares of an article are stored as they are. 50% of the advertising revenue is allocated to various content providers based on the data on the blockchain. OwlNews builds a high-quality news platform for a better internet ecosystem through the royalty mechanism.

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